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Nov 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
to visit gaza on tuesday. violence has become a daily nightmare for people living in gaza. anderson cooper joins us now. take us to the ground and what's going on. what you seeing and hearing? >> it's about 2:00 a.m. here. we have heard a number of large explosions this evening. just a few in the last hour or so. this is generally the time when the strikes actually intensify. that's what we have seen over the last several nights. you can hear drones circling overhead, over gaza city as they have been since the conflict began. it's a constant sound, a constant reminder of the israeli forces watching the city. as you mentioned there was a strike. the israeli military said was a house owned by a hamas commander of an artillerary unit, initially, they said they killed that commander and then walked that back and said they couldn't be clear if he was at the house at the time. ten members of another family were staying at the house. they were all killed. our arwa damon was on the scene, saw a number of children's bodies removed from the wreckage and talked to ambulance crews who said as many as
Nov 22, 2012 1:00am PST
just 24 hours of relative quiet. anderson? >> and, arwa, i can hear in the skies behind you, i can hear those drones still overhead. a sound we've heard a lot over the last eight or nine days. you've spoken with a lot of people today there, a lot of people this evening. how do they see it? >> reporter: well, there's, of course, a sense of relief, understandably. even if the cease-fire does not hold. that for the time being there are able to get out. we were down in the streets amongst them. many of them celebrating. they were saying what they were calling hamas's victory. a victory for the palestinians. others, though, saying they were simply out celebrating because they could. because they'd spent so many days cooped up. there were entire vehicles with children packed inside them. one father saying his kids had begged, begged him to take them out because they'd spent so much time indoors. just an overwhelming sense of relief that at least for one night, for now, people can get some sleep and be at ease with the knowledge that at least for now, there's not going to be that unexpected st
Nov 18, 2012 2:00pm PST
with no letup in sight. anderson cooper is in gaza city, anderson cooper is in israel. -- wolf blitzer is in israel. >> israel has said that the israeli air force struck more than 120 targets on sunday in gaza. most notably, the house of a -- the hamas the head of a hamas rocket unit. initially say had said they killed that man. they can't verify whether or not they did -- the local ambulance crews said that as many as ten civilians, women and children were inside the house at the time. the israelis do acknowledge that this man's family was in the house at the time. but they cannot confirm if he was there. israeli -- hitting some local journalists, they had called up some french journalists in advance of the strike, and told them to get out of the building, and they did evacuate, but some journalists did go back inside. there was a response to that, there's been a number of large explosions already this evening and we an fticipate in the hour ahead. >> what's the feeling you get of the atmosphere right now when you see people in gaza and you know it's going to be another long night the
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
, very dangerous situation here in gaza. we also, anderson, went to the hospital and the hospital, the doctors there and nurses there completely overwhelmed. every 15 minutes people were coming in including men, women and children, anderson. >> is there any indication that hamas will stop firing? >> reporter: look, we talked to one of the hamas leaders and what they said is when israel stops hitting them with air strikes and stops bombarding us we will stop sending rockets into israel. it's kind of a catch 22, who is going to stop and when, anderson? >> sarah, stand by, i want to bring in ben wedeman who has experience in the region. tonight he is in the race ili town that has been hit repeatedly by rocket fire and also the jerusalem bureau chief for "the new york times" is in gaza city joins us by phone. what are you seeing and what are you hearing? >> reporter: what we are seeing here is that the town is pretty much deserted, not a lot of people out and about although earlier we were next to a sushi restaurant where there were a fair amount of customers. we spoke to the mayor wh
Nov 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
her social life but tonight we celebrate her professional accomplishment. anderson starts now. >> erin thank you very much. good evening. what an extraordinary week it has been. a new day here. we are entering day nine. there is a cease fire. when word ved spread of the agreement, this is what it sounded like in gaza city. [ cheering and shouting ] >> people took to the streets. they celebrated what they saw as a victory for hamas and for gaza. the question is will all of this hold and will these people once again take cover in their homes and will the fear return? for u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and mohamed moresy, the agreement calls for a discussion for the freedom of movement. commitment by israel not to target militants in gaza. to halt rocket fire into israel. nothing is a done deal. in the next hour we will hear from the spokeswoman for the israeli defense forces and we begin with a look at what has transpired over the last 24 hours. and it is remarkable that there is a cease fire when you consider how this wednesday started off. at midday no sign of atruce yet. at l
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm PDT
leave us inspired tonight. anderson cooper starts right now. >> good evening, we are here in hoboken, new jersey across the river from lower manhattan. so is the national guard. the crisis far from over. across the air yarrarea. police and rescuers and crews and nurses and doctors so many people working tonight so many more trying to get from point a to point b. for example, across the hudson river to work. or across the east river all day today with subways out, rush hour was more like a pilgrimage. thousands one step at a time. there is news tonight on griths, airports and power glems and new pictures keep coming in. this is a marina full of boats washed ashore. 14 people died on stat tep island we know that now. three more are missing right now. this is not over yet. we are going to cover all of the angles tonight. with the election near but the disaster now two rivals joined hands and got to work. they saw a shore line battered beyond recognition almost beyond belief. mile after mile of destruction home after home life after life. >> on the ground, at a local shelter, no politica
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
in d.c. for a big deal. >> and did you catch it? renascence and coasted with anderson cooper today. -- co-hosted with anderson >> is the end of the line for some of your favorite desserts. >> that is right. hostess is shutting down operations for good after employees went on strike. they have lost thousands of jobs. >> suzanne kennedy was talking to those buying the last of the hostess inventory. >> i may have two boxes in my car. i am not going to say. you may notice that the popular snack food is no longer in the grocery store. financial problems of played hostess lately. the strike is forcing the company to close. they are the snack cakes so many americans grew up on, but it seems their days are numbered. >> it is horrible. i mean, why? why? >> after more than 100 years in business, the texas-based company is closing, brought down, it says, by a strike that lasted just one week. >> we hope someone is able to purchase this company, work with our union members. >> more than 18,000 employees will lose their jobs, 33 bakeries will close and 573 i'll let stores will close including t
Nov 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
. probable? probably not. >> ohio, ohio, ohio as we're saying. don't go too far away. anderson cooper is with us every step of the way. >> check in with our analysts and dana bash is here and gloria borger and here with the republican consultant alex costianos and dan jones. two days to go. where are your heads at? what are you looking at? >> spending. i think this is impossible to call this race. john king just laid it out. mitt romney has a steeper hill to climb. if you look at the 12 battleground states, barack obama is ahead in 9 of the 12 and romney only ahead in three. when you go on the ground, you actually talk to people in the state, i was in ohio this week and it was striking how many republicans on the ground thought they were going to win. they thought they had the enthusiasm. they thought they had the evangelical vote. i think we rely too much on the polls. i think we should wait and see what the voters say. >> there is no doubt that republicans are more enthusiastic this time than they were four years ago. our poll, though, on overall on sort of a national average shows
Nov 16, 2012 12:00pm EST
up on abc 7 news at , renee simpson goes toe to toe with anderson coooper. >> the recovery efforts of sandy are under the microscope. >> israel moves closer to a military action in after an attack the world has not seen in more than 40 years. let's look outside. sunshine. it is looking better than earlier. will check in >> a developing story in the middle east. strip isin the gaza intensifying. a rocket fell north of the city. it is the first time it has been on since 1970. it struck the ministry building. cover at least 27 people have died. activatedi army has is a0 reserve troops and troops on the and border, signaling a possible ground invasion. killed interans were texas. 16 others were hurt. the accident happened yesterday in mid in texas. they are not sure what caused deadly accident. it is not clear if the crew of n saudi float on the tracks. thousands remain without in new york and new jersey. power has been restored to 95% of customers. an associated press analysis of bigge times from other hurricanes and storms suggests response may be than with even faster storms. >> it
Nov 23, 2012 11:35pm PST
for. >> reporter: casey anderson says this behavior usually happens when animals are rejected by their own kind, then reach out to others for something as essential to them as food and water. >> you'll see two animals that, you know, come from unfortunate circumstances, but find each other. they step on each other's toes a little bit. but they get the rhythm, figure each other out and learning that dance is so worth it to these individuals. >> reporter: it's so fascinating, especially when you have these predator/prey friendships. because you realize both of them are going against instinct to come together. >> i think what it proves is maybe that need, that companionship, actually trumps all those other instinct wall needs. and it's just kind of wonderful. >> reporter: it's a kind of wonderful anderson has personally experienced in what may be the unlikeliest friendship of all. >> so this is brutus and he's been with me since he was that big. >> reporter: meet anderson's bff brutus, a 900-pound grisly bear. >> the only reason i can with this close is because brutus thinks i'm
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
heroic and amazing the real man must have been. thanks for watching. "anderson cooper 360" starts right now. >>> good evening. we're coming to you from staten island, new york. we're here nearly two weeks after hurricane sandy hit. we begin with breaking news, a story that has blindsided the american intelligence community and the obama administration, and it's still developing at this hour. general david petraeus resigned today as director of the cia after admitting he had an extramarital affair. they confirm to cnn that the investigators have been exploring tips on an affair with eleanor broadbar. they tried to see if there was a potential security risk, in other words, perhaps petraeus was blackmailed. she is the one with whom petraeus admitted having an affair. petraeus is a highly respected, four-star general who commanded forces in both iraq and afghanistan. he was sworn in to run the cia a little over a year ago with vice president biden with his wife holly at his side. that was the swearing in. they've been married 35 years, have two grown kids. so how will this revelation impac
Nov 20, 2012 1:00am PST
. the iron dome has worked pretty successfully, anderson. about 90% of the missiles, the anti-missiles that were launched, worked. and they only use it when they sense that one of these rockets or missiles is heading towards a populated area or a strategically important area. if it's just going to a farmland or rural area, they're not going to use it. but it's been pretty successful so far. it's probably saved a lunch of live bunch of lives. when the israeli cabinet meets, it could go either way, a cease-fire or all-out israeli ground invasion. >> reporter: we're going to talk to a member of -- a spokesman for the foreign ministry in just a few moments. ben, explain how the level of sophistication of these rockets that are hamas and other groups here in gaza has increased and also how are they able to get rockets in? >> reporter: well, they're much more sophisticated than they were six years ago. i went to a rocket factory here, and it was very crude. no guidance systems, made with basically fertilizer repellent. now they're getting these rockets through the tunnels in the sou
Nov 21, 2012 11:00am PST
again, anderson. >> i'm also joined here in jerusalem with cnn's wolf blitzer. we'll be monitoring developments over this crucial next hour. this next hour really key to what happens for the next 24 to 48 hours. ben wedeman is joining us in gaza city. ben, from what you're seeing, what you're hearing, any incoming, any outgoing? >> reporter: well, certainly within the last half hour to 40 minutes there was quite a lot of both. we saw three separate volleys of rockets fired from the area just behind me. and just about seven or eight minutes ago heard a sort of incoming rounds, landing also just not far from here. now it has gone quiet. we can still here the drones overhead, but certainly did seem that both sides were trying to get in their last knocks before the clock struck 9:00. >> ben, it is important for people to realize hamas is not the only actor in gaza which has been firing rockets. there is islamic jihad and other groups. what is the likelihood that hamas will be able to stop other groups from some -- any form of aggression because as part of this cease-fire agreement, the
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
on benghazi. >> cynne simpson will co-host with anderson cooper today. >> we will catch up with art and about 20 minutes. >> look at our forecast. >> it is a chilly start this morning and we have clouds as well so get used to these temperatures. the headline today will be cold weather will continue right into the weekend. we've got the clouds to contend with this morning and saw on this afternoon and it will be a sunny start to the weekend and we will have the peak to the thanksgiving forecast in a minute. 42 degrees right now. . we will make it into the 50's this afternoon. >> we will go back to that map. there is a work zone at the key bridge. looks like they're getting it out of the way right now. take a look at the paving operations on pennsylvania avenue between 3rd and 9th, now getting out of the way. >> no accidents or incidents on 395. >> this is about the amber alert issued overnight. >> virginia state police have been looking for " adults and this amber alert. 395. >> this is about the amber alert we can confirm they chance that and they are only looking for one. this is the am
Nov 2, 2012 7:00pm PDT
." battleground america. the final two days before the election. anderson cooper starts now. >>> good evening, everyone. 10:00 on the east coast. we begin tonight here on new york's staten island with breaking news, news that is especially welcome here on this hard-hit island. the new york city marathon scheduled for sunday which starts here on the island has been canceled for the first time in its 42-year history, and that is a huge welcome relief to a lot of people here, who frankly were just outraged the idea that the marathon would take place and would take resources that are still badly needed here. there's a lot of people here on this island tonight who feel like they have been forgotten and it really wasn't until today that they started to see supplies coming in and a lot of it in the area that i'm in right now, is just volunteers. folks who have come here on their own from other parts of the city or other parts of staten island with food, whatever they can bring. there's a lot of folks who live down the street in pitch blackness and they're afraid to leave their destroyed houses becau
Nov 8, 2012 1:00am PST
clearly he does not want to raise taxes. but he also put out an olive branch, anderson, he said maybe he would be for some kind of -- raising some kind of revenue. he didn't say what that means but talked about broad tax reform as it relates to entitlement reform. on the other side of the capital, you saw right over there, the senate majority leader harry reid feeling like he was leveraging here, it was a clear-cut issue, but also because of the mechanics of it. if nobody does anything, taxes for everybody will go up. so democrats realize that, they feel like any have leverage and they're probably right. >> and there's motivation to try to do something on that. >> exactly. >> there was a private conference call that boehner had with his caucus. what do you know about it? >> we were told this was a call where all house republicans were invited to this. he was very sober and he tried to buck everybody up and say, the words he used is that we are the last line of defense from an america that barack obama would design. but he also had a clear message for his rank and file, which is hold your
Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
. please stand up. thanks for watching. anderson starts now. >>> good evening, everyone. reporting to you live tonight from gaza city as we have for the last two nights. a night in which there has been a lot of talk about a potential cease-fire or cooling-off period but if anything, what we have witnessed in the last several hours here in gaza city is a heating up. we saw some rockets being fired from gaza city and a series of very loud explosions throughout the city in a number of locations around the office building that we are broadcasting from tonight. i want to show you what occurred about an hour or so ago, about five blocks away from basically very close to a media center where we were earlier. this is what we saw. we were not recording sound so you're not going to hear sound, until the end of this. but a very loud blast, as you see right there, basically all of us ducked down in the office. we thought that was the end of it. neal, our cameraman, panned over and then a series of more explosions. turns out this was a number of government buildings that is what is said to have been h
Nov 1, 2012 1:00am PDT
anderson cooper right now. >>> we are in hoboken, new jersey right now, just across the fallout from sandy still coming. new york governor andrew cuomo is expected to address the media shortly. we will monitor what he says and bring you late details should the governor make news. bellevue right now evacuating patients. 700 patients in all. this will be going on all night long after a day of running the generator. the rooftop generators with buckets of fuel from the basement passed hand to hand up 13 flights of stairs, if you can imagine. and now traffic in manhattan jammed solid. the subways expected to start to come on-line tomorrow, but in a very, very limited way. people now jamming buses or simply walking. things are improving slightly in places. but this crisis is far from over and it is evolving almost minute by minute. we have all of the angles starting with president obama and new jersey governor chris christie. with the election near but the disaster now two political rivals joined hands and got to work. they saw a shoreline battered beyond recognition, almost beyond be
Nov 20, 2012 1:00pm PST
was on the air. our coverage continues from the region with wolf blitzer. wolf. >>> anderson, thanks very much. happening now, no cease fire, no peace. just another day of deadly attacks in gaza and israel. the secretary of state, hillary clinton, she's here in israel right now. she's trying to find some way to broker a deal to stop the fighting. all the while civilians on both sides of the israeli/gaza border live in terror. the next explosion could claim their homes, relatives or their own lives. we'd like to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from jerusalem. you're in "the situation room." >>> we're coming to you from jerusalem the end of the seventh day of this deadly crisis. it's been two hours since we expected an official of hamas, the militant organization that controls gaza, to come before cameras in egypt and announce a period of calm. but that announcement has not happened. instead, the office of the e jimgs president, mohamed morsi, told cnn the egyptian government has no plans to make an announcement tonight. since wednesday
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. anderson, they're all out of gas. the bottom line is we failed in our mission but we have a better idea now of what it was like to go through the process. we saw a lot of waiting, a lot of frustration, but people were remarkably poised and patient about everything. we also saw a lot of good samaritans, people helping each other, sometimes even pushing cars that had run out of gas just to get to the fuel pumps. they're supposed to get more gas tomorrow but there's no sure bets in this thing. anderson? >> it's good that things were orderly. susan, appreciate that. >>> i want to correct something. turns out the staten island ferry is up and running. so that is certainly good news. the staten island ferry is running so if people from manhattan who have power and are able to want to come to staten island and help volunteer, they can take the ferry out tomorrow. they can take a bus from the ferry out to staten island, where they will have a cleanup. there is so much need here. look at the house behind me. it's like this block after block after block. so many people here have no power, no generato
Nov 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
the last time. ralph anderson & associates and [speaker not understood]. so, they have submitted packages and in their packages covered the range of things obviously the cost and so on. when we went through it and i kind of want to take this opportunity to thank ted yamasaki and his staff over there in human resources and also deputy director levin for support, and helping me through this process and getting -- giving me the road map i need, too, so we can make this presentation to you here today. and using their expertise and their opinions, we kind of came up with a formula on how to evaluate these. one of the things we did was we kind of broke it down to six points of each of these vendors and we asked these questions. question one, how did they demonstrate experience recruitment of similar positions or other higher level positions? evidence of recent successful requirements in the building inspection industry. you know, we asked that question in looking at their application. recruitment approach, how they approach. demonstration of challenges of recruitment in a political environment.
Nov 7, 2012 7:00pm PST
reform? >> i do, anderson. i'm increasingly optimistic we won't go over the fiscal cliff. the sharp drop in the markets today send a clear signal to congress and the president that you guys better not let us do this. that you will throw us into a recession next year. barack obama doesn't have to run for president again, but the rest of them do. i think the way to get there is to be careful not to isolate just the question of tax hikes on the healthy. do you that you get everybody dug in. you need to put that question to a broader framework. how do we raise revenues which john boehner said, he was open to, and he would favor that, and how do we get spending down through entitlement reform? republicans willing to come to the table on some form of tax increases that don't come out of middle class and also democrats willing to go along with entitlement reform, you could get a structure of a deal. you can't get a real deal before january 1, but you can get the basic structure and direct your committees within six months or a year to come back, put the deal together. can they get there is the
Nov 10, 2012 1:00am PST
, if it was the security risk or there was security concerns, should it have been dealt with sooner? >> right. anderson, make no mace take mistake about it, there are protocols that require the investigation of someone in the white house. it may have gone through the director of national intelligence, jim clap either. but because of the potential security concerns, at a minimum, the white house chief of staff would have been known. it would not have been widely briefed for many good reasons. would you have kept it in a tight circle. you would be sure that someone at the white house at a very senior level would have been made aware of it, and frankly in an effort to be sure they were watching any interactions with the president, anything that seemed out of the ordinary, so that they could have reported that into the fbi investigation. the other thing is, these are -- if the fbi was looking at e-mails and text messages, the sorts of natural investigative steps they would have taken, whether that -- going back to when he was -- she was writing the biography this would have been a substantial body of mater
Nov 15, 2012 1:00am PST
's interesting, anderson. what we understand is that paula broadwell had consented to the search of her homes, but after a discussion between her lawyers and the fbi, they decided to get a search warrant. we understand that they are reviewing documents, but based on what they've seen so far, they say that the classified material is, one, not substantial that they have seen and, two, while it may be a technical violation, it's not egregious. as a result of that, the law enforcement official told me they don't expect that there will be a prosecution related to the unauthorized release of classified information, but that ultimately, that's not a decision that the fbi will make. they will make a presentation, they expect to wrap up in the next few days. they may want to do a final interview of paula broadwell, they will present what they have to the justice department and ultimately it's the justice department's decision whether or not to prosecute or issue a d k declinati declination. basically they'll decline to prosecute. that's where they think this will go now. >> all of the talk over the l
Nov 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
that have been ongoing? >> well, first, always good to be with you, anderson. secretary of state clinton is in jerusalem this evening. held talks with prime minister netanyahu, and we're trying to reach a resolution to the conflict. that has to include, first and foremost, an end to the firing of hundreds of rockets, even today, by hamas on 5 1/2 million israelis, most of our population is under rocket fire, even as we're speaking. that has to stop. but we also -- we want to create a new situation. a new situation where terrorists from gaza will not be able to fire on our civilians every month or even every week and paralyze half of country, and to create a situation where advanced rockets and other armaments cannot be smuggled into gaza from iran. >> as far as you are concerned, is a military solution to this problem possible even? i mean, most people seem to say there is not a military is solution. it's ultimately got to be a plt ca political solution. >> the solution is for them to understand we are permanent and legitimate and if we are attacked, we'll retaliate. hamas is not a partn
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 592 (some duplicates have been removed)